Home Magazine "Surface Points of View": Works by Sonia Costantini, Marco Mendeni and Stan Van Steendam

Theca Gallery presents the show ASPETTI DI SUPERFICIE curated by Andrea Carlo Alpini with works by Sonia Costantini, Marco Mendeni and Stan Van Steendam. The exhibition presents a selection of different artworks based on the same topic: the surface.


September 12th - October 27th 2017

Theca Gallery
22 Tadino Street
Milan (IT)


Sonia Costantini shows for the first time ever her artworks with Theca Gallery. She exposes a group of current and past works about perception and materiality. Marco Mendeni exposes a series of artworks called SimCity. A fusion between digital and mixed media. Stan Van Steendam is the last artist who’s been involved into  Theca Gallery’s group. He tried to explore matter, form, color and nature through a medium that stands somewhere between painting and sculpture.


Sonia Costantini (1953)
She was born in Mantova, where she lives and works. Her artistic research is based on painting. She exposed several times in Italy and abroad.


Sonia Costantini - LC 14-21, 2014


Marco Mendeni (1979)
He studied painting and new technologies at Brera Accademy, a state-run tertiary public academy of fine arts in Milan. Now he lives and works in Berlin.


Marco Mendeni - SimCity Blue, 2013


Stan Van Steendam (1985)
He studied visual arts at St. Lucas (Ghent). He lives and works between Brussels and Lisbon. His artistic research is based on the use of epoxy resin in relation to color pigment.


Stan Van Steendam - Untitled, 2016


© Photo Credits: Theca Gallery Milano