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In the central location of Ackermannshof, drawings and paper artworks shift our attention to the powerful delicacy of Art. 

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Sometimes the Art World can go overboard, screaming and breaking all conventions. In contrast, often the simplest works are those which strike us the most. Sometimes we need to acknowledge the beauty which lies in the most quiet artworks. Paper positions basel is here to remind us of this.

A selection of international galleries will be presenting unique paper works in Basel from the 21st to the 26th of September this year. During Basel Art-Week alongside some of the great masters of today’s Art World, this art fair offers a very different way of looking at Art in the central location of Ackermannshof. 


Silvia Bächli, Untitled, 1999, Courtesy Andrea Hull and paper positions basel 2021. 


It is an art fair which leaves the rigid structures and conventional methods aside to give space to a less presumptuous way of exhibiting artworks, artists and galleries. An occasion to change perspective, which coincides (appropriately) with the important Basel Art-Week.

With the way the pieces are displayed, the focus shifts to an open and continuous narrative which highlights the versatility and fragility of paper masterpieces. A fluid unbroken art fair, showing works like no other. It is very different to the common classic booth model, showcasing works without any interruptions in a ‘salon-like situation’.

According to the organisers of paper positions basel 2021 “The spatial design offers an open overview as well as the possibility to directly approach individual artistic works and to perceive them in mutual dialogue”. 

Rolling through the extraordinarily unusual art fair, visitors will move from artist to artist, seeing communalities and differences as well as the flexibility and simplicity of paper. The artworks on show are modest yet strong. And while the galleries blend like watercolours with one another, the creativity of every artist is underlined. 

Like they state, this is an opportunity to focus on the artworks, on their relations and contrasts. An uncommon presentation which requires to be looked at, inviting us to engage with the works in a rather different way.

With no capital letters, paper positions basel is a delicate statement which cannot be overlooked during Basel Art-Week.


Ewa Partum, untitled concertation de/concertation, 1973, Courtesy Andrea Hull and paper positions basel 2021.


Leah Desmousseaux, Palmura, 2021, Courtesy Galerie Robet Dantec and paper positions basel 2021.


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Cover image: © paper positions basel 2021, 21 - 26 September 2021

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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