Home Magazine Olafur Eliasson opens up The Kitchen

Olafur Eliasson is joining forces with publisher Phaidon to release a new all vegetarian cookbook, The Kitchen, with 100 sophisticated vegetarian recipes. These different recipes have all been developed and cooked by a team of professionals at the artist’s Berlin studio (more like a factory in terms of size) to cater for his staff of over 100 people.


In an interview with Artnet News Eliasson opens up about his new project, The Kitchen has evolved into a large project that grew from the kitchen which used to support his staff of 10 people, now that the number of staff has expanded so much it was only natural for the kitchen to do the same. The fact that it is mostly vegetarian was because out of a social, economical and environmental point of view it is the better option. Although eating a lot of vegetarian food, the transition to becoming one is slow for Eliasson, he admits to no being completely there yet.



Eliasson goes on explaining his view on the relationship between food and art, that both consist of their own languages. To cook great food, is like to make great art, you have to master the language but also have something to say with your creation.