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Do you remeber ArtToSaveLives Contemporary? Well, stay tuned and be ready to discover its newest exbhition: Flor del Sol by JuanCarlos rLora.

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JuanCarlos rLora (b. 1978, United States) is a conceptual painter, sculptor and storyteller. Almost all of his works communicate surreal narratives as well as philosophical and scientific theories. For 15 years, rLora has been telling Flor’s story using different styles of art, thus his work varies from one series to the next, but all intertwine and connect into a cohesive narrative, much like chapters in a book. These "chapters" are underlined by a common theme, to bring awareness and show ways to save our home, planet Earth.

On January 15th, 2022, ArtToSave Lives Contemporary is glad to welcome you to the grand opening of their new location in Miami featuring an inaugural exhibition of JuanCarlos’ iconic concept Flor del Sol - a poetic story of love and hope curated by director Luba Kladienko-Ramirez. 


Flor del Sol. Courtesy of ArtToSaveLives Contemporary.


Flor del Sol is centered around a concept of a Flower of Love, growing and existing on the Sun. Upon seeing so much destruction on Earth, when it was to reincarnate, the flower asked its Creator to send its seed to be born on the surface of the Sun instead, to forever remain engulfed in flames, as a protest to the ways we’re devouring our home planet...all in hopes to serve as a reminder and incite change in humanity, to become the benevolent beings we are meant to be. 

The story of Flor, JuanCarlos' main character, who is a protagonist, encompasses most of his series and ties them together into one story of positivity and hope. This story spans over a 15 year period, comprising 8 series in paintings and 3 sculpture series. Being a conceptual artist, JuanCarlos focuses on the storytelling aspect of his work; the narrative is as important to him as the visual imagery. Once you start discovering his storytelling on canvas it is very captivating and is difficult to stop, you embark on a rabbit hole journey of abstract surrealism, science and philosophical and theoretical concepts.

If you have the chance, pass by and enjoy the journey! It will also be a good opportunity to visit ArtToSaveLives Contemporary's new Miami location!


JuanCarlos rLora, The Crossing 2017. Courtesy of ArtToSaveLives Contemporary


Cover image: JuanCarlos rLora, Nocturnal 2017. Courtesy of ArtToSaveLives Contemporary. Detail. 

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