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From October 2021 Robyn Ward is presenting his new series ‘Fucked at Birth’ with a cycle of exhibitions all around the world. It is provocative, depicting a violent and bold layered narrative of obscured figures and strong colours.

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Artist Robyn Ward is introducing his most recent and very provocative series this Autumn. He shows a colourful portfolio of works which draw from the visual, contradictory and problematic world in which we live, mixed with layers of well-known images and the signs left on the walls of our cities.

Born in Dublin 1982, this is a truly acclaimed Contemporary Artist. He has had recent solo exhibitions in Mexico City, London, Belfast, Shanghai, Ibiza, and his work has been displayed in group exhibitions in Beijing, Paris, Hamburg and New York.


Robyn Ward, Eternal dreaming, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


Despite the title, ‘Fucked at Birth’ is a more subdued and personal series if we compare it to the artist’s earlier works. Yet it is still in keeping with the artists ability to depict the destructive character of our Society and his slightly pop style. 

‘Fucked at Birth’ is a timely account of the systematic breakdown of Society. Reflecting contemporary life and his previous works, the collection displays multifaceted and layered images mixing a critical look with a researched aesthetic. And it is all expressed in Robyn Ward’s very colourful yet daunting works, where the violence and strength in the paintings is the culmination of a very personal story.

As Artist Robyn Ward explains “Each layer depicts a different fragment of time”. It is a fluid mosaic of “screenshots” of the artist’s life.  

In fact, each paintings shows multiple levels of references. One is a layer spray paint – a connection to his earlier works. Another is dominated by abstract and gestural brushstrokes, a hint of Abstract Expressionism. But there is also an extremely realistic and daunting layer of figures, a vivid reference to the Present.


Robyn Ward, The King That Was, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


With this series, the artist presents us with a more mature and emotional account which continues from the earlier ‘Plastic Nation’. It is the artist’s testimony - his own experience of destruction and chaos, and this element was less evident in his previous works. It is truthful - a personal portrait of Contemporary Society and Culture.

The works will be on tour, starting from Mexico City at the Robyn Ward Studio - from the 1st of October to the 31st of November 2021 - and then they will move on to New York, London, Los Angeles and São Paulo.

Given the current political, environmental and social situation, this is a timely invitation to reflect on the effect of violent conflicts, destruction and inequality all over the world.


Robyn Ward, Barry’s, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


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Cover image: Robyn Ward, The King That Was, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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