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Mitra Kravian uses art to force the user to reflect on the history of the Iranian country and the figure of women in Iran and the whole world

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Mitra Kavain is an Iranian female artist born in 1963 in Theran. She is a painter influenced by the cultural and political changes of the 1980's. She is now based in Canada and her work has been exhibited globally since her first exhibition in 1995 at the Bahamian Cultural Center. In the same year she participated in another group exhibition at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Her first solo exhibition outside the borders of Iran was held in Milan, Italy in 2003.  Her works have been shown in various countries including Iran, China, the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands. She also participated in the Creek Art Fair (hosted by XVA) in Dubai, which is visible in this artist's career. In addition, some of her works have been auctioned at the Tehran Auction.


Mitra Kavian, Those Days, 2022. Courtesy of Eran Gallery.


Kavian's works can be divided into three groups. The first group are depicted on large-sized canvases inspired by the art of painting and are performed using traditional motifs in this tradition. Subject-wise, these paintings are based on traditional formats in painting, namely hunting grounds, Bazm or Razm gatherings. In another period of her work, she created realistic paintings using a totally different approach. The third category of this artist's works includes paintings that, while committed to representation, present a more imaginative and free world to the audience.


Mitra Kavian, Those Days, 2022. Courtesy of Eran Gallery.


Mitra wants to be a testimony of the role of women in Iranian culture and society. Western people always act in terms of schemes, and women in Iran do not cover the positions corresponding to their educational levels. For them, the working career is still very hard and their voices are difficult to hear. Through Mitra Kavian’s art we are forced to think and open our eyes on this topic. The artistic process of the artist is very interesting as, profoundly tight to the history of her country, but also cosmopolitan as she is ready to be confronted with the most significant contemporary art expressions. MItra’s art teaches us to question ourselves on the themes of freedom of women in Iran, Afghanistan, New York, Pechino and Rome. 

Cover image: Mitrva Kavian, Battlefield, 2022. Courtesy of Eran Gallery.

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