Home Magazine Mattia Novello on Kooness: Presented by Amy-D Arte Spazio

Mattia Novello was born in Vicenza October 6, 1985. He lives and works in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.

He graduated in visual communication at the European Institute of Design in Milan, then in fashion photography at the School of Visual Art in New York and in Mixed Media Art at the Parsons School, in New York. After the period in New York, his curriculum in rapidly growing after winning several important art prizes.

His research is developed through the use of multiple mediums focused on the synthesis of the opposite to create a new conscious birth where the individual is recognised and accepted for its unique expression.

He has been one pioneer in using graphene in art. 

Mattia Novello's work appears as a path of inner growth, conceived not only as an attempt to climb the heights of perfection, but also as a difficult route between disorientation, agitation and tension. His works emerge from down below, toward areas where conceptual reason loses its confidence, but at the same time aspire to rise up to the highest ideals. They are presented as a collection of visual paradoxes and tensions, as dialectics lightened by rebirth.


Mattia Novello - Flat Layer A, 2015


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