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Exploring Inspirations, Unveiling Individuality, and Creating Harmonious Masterpieces.

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Kooness: Describe what kind of art you focus on?

Franziska: At LOREMO, we focus on contemporary art in a modern, abstract style. We currently represent over 30 curated and exclusively selected artists, each with a distinct and recognizable painting style. We place great importance on quality and originality.

Kooness: What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

Franziska: Our artists find inspiration in the realms of fashion, lifestyle, and architecture. The Bauhaus architectural style, aesthetic interior design, design icons, as well as haute couture and fashion shows where different materials, structures, textures, and color palettes intersect, stimulate the imagination and creativity of our artists. Surrealism and sculptural works also contribute to their inspiration.

Julia Magdeburg. Hyper Glow. Courtesy of LOREMO

Kooness: What is the purpose of your artworks?

Franziska: LOREMO is an exclusive gallery for commissioned art that perfectly matches the interior colors and the personality of our discerning and stylistically conscious customers. Our artworks captivate with individual expression, originality, quality, and the passion of each artist, which is reflected in their works. With precision and a conceptual approach, the artworks are created in the customer's desired colors and sizes. For the first time, we combine the unmistakable creativity of the artist with the customer's individual color preferences on canvas, creating a harmonious oasis of well-being in residential and business spaces.

Kooness: What factors influence the value of your work?

Franziska: At LOREMO, we value a distinct style. When a customer looks at a piece, they should be able to recognize which artist created it even without the artist's signature. That's recognizability. Another criterion we consider is the quality of materials. Each artist has their own technique, a secret recipe, so to speak, for blending colors and structural elements on canvas. Our artists also excel in their sense of aesthetic color compositions. The aesthetic component of the overall harmony of a work is of essential importance to us. Creativity and originality are our top priorities in the selection process. Art awards and exhibitions are advantageous. An excellent reputation in the art market is important to us. The artist's personality and professionalism in collaboration also play a significant role.

Renata Schepmann. Rhythm. Courtesy of LOREMO

Kooness: What have critics and collectors said about your work?

Franziska: Many art critics and collectors appreciate the originality and distinctive styles of our artists. Our works are unique pieces, with no duplicates, art prints, or copies. LOREMO focuses on one-of-a-kind artworks and quality.

Kooness: Which art trends inspire your current work?

Franziska: Currently, there is a significant trend towards sculptural techniques, even on canvas, which greatly inspires us. In the long term, we plan to include art sculptures as standalone pieces in our portfolio, in addition to the sculptural techniques applied on canvas.

Kooness: How do you define success as an artist?

Franziska: The success of an artist is defined by various criteria. How many collections feature their works? How many art awards have they won? Have they been accepted or nominated for curated exhibitions? How recognizable are they in the art market? Are they already selling internationally or primarily locally? There is a saying that goes, "A prophet is not recognized in their own land." How long have they been working as an artist? Have they won art prizes? Are they part of an artist collective? Which galleries represent them? Are their works displayed in museums and/or auction houses? Are they a master's student? Who were their professors? There are many criteria that define the value and success of an artist, but the most important factor remains the artwork itself and the artist's unmistakable painting style.

Kooness: Describe how art is important to society?

Franziska: Art, especially abstract art, according to scientific findings in color and neuron research, stimulates creativity, innovation, productivity, and well-being. Numerous studies support this. Art in one's own colors leads to the release of endorphins. In contrast, abstract art allows each viewer to individually perceive something different, as our brains constantly try to make sense of a unified whole. This is due to our human development of the limbic system. Therefore, when we contemplate abstract art, the synapses in our subconscious continuously interact. Art is passion, emotion, and expression. It significantly contributes to positive well-being, whether in private or business spaces.

Cover Image: Courtesy of Loremo

Written by: Kooness

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