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“Light supports study and work, but it also creates an atmosphere for meeting your friends and having fun. The Little Sun Diamond illuminates what we all have in common – we all want to be successful and we all want to be happy. Both practical and emotional, Little Sun Diamond adds a sparkle to your life.” – Olafur Eliasson and Little Sun Founder


First revealed at this year’s Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town, Olafur Eliasson presented the third design in his series of solar-powered mini lampsmade for people without access to reliable energy. For its design, Olafur Eliasson was inspired by the geometric nature of crystals. Little Sun Diamond is pocket-sized, featherweight and radiates a sparkling glow. It can be used by anyone who needs a light to read, as well as for backpackers, campers, and travelers around the world. 5 hours of charging in the sun gives you 5 hours of bright light, fading to long-lasting soft light.

When you buy Little Sun products, you make solar energy available to communities without electricity at a locally affordable price. For every Little Sun sold, one goes to their partners in rural Africa, where they train local sales agents and bring solar energy to those who need it most. There are 1.1 billion people who are living without access to the electrical grid, leaving their basic needs unfulfilled. Clean light and energy are necessary to human existence and community lif. Little Sun is a shining light on the need for energy access for everybody. Eliasson's hope for this project is to bring light to people in remote locations and reduce their reliance on hazardous kerosene lanterns.


"So this is such a small lamp. And yet it is the biggest project I've started on." – Olafur Eliasson



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