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When painting is the topic of discussion, we often have to be careful. Why? Is it because we think that this medium can’t reveal new themes or efforts anymore? Or is it simply because we are so aware about its previous background that we are just scared that artists cannot explore something new?

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Installation view of “La caza del faisán. Un panorama de la nueva pintura española”


But painting is vivid and alive and, in the last years, it is an on-going topic of discussion. “La caza del faisán. Un panorama de la nueva pintura española” represents an example of how Spanish painting has to set a balance between its tradition and the essential evolution of this language. In Barcelona, Jorge Alcolea is opening a new gallery that underlines a family tradition in supporting art and culture. Tradition is melted up with Contemporary art, both through the use of a symbolic and historical venue, la Sala Nonell, then with the choice of the first exhibition of this new adventure.



From the left: Alberto Giacometti, Los-Bravú, Vicky Uslé.

The group show curated by Enrique Jun represents a panorama of Spanish Contemporary artists in dialogue with a selection of precious drawings by historical ones. Inside this environment, talented and vivid painters as Albert Pinya, Antonio González, Belén Rodríguez, Hugo Fon- tela, Matías Krahn, Vicky Uslé, Yago Hortal, Miki Leal, Secundino Hernández, Isabel and Los Bravú are invited to show their work in line with the ones by Modern artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Alberto Giacometti, Antoni Tàpies, Tamara de Lempicka and Julio González. “La caza del faisán” could be a discussion about the traditional models through a re-interpretation of art history. Some artistic codes are in the middle of a historical continuity and they move through the crossing of some different aesthetics ways and of thinking. 

Cover image: Joan Miro, L'enfançe d'Ubu. Courtesy La caza del faisán.

“La caza del faisán. Un panorama de la nueva pintura española”  curated by Enrique Jun at Galería Jorge Alcolea - Nonell  | November 13rd - December 8th

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The Spanish Contemporary Art Scene: Albert Pinya - Javier Aquilué - Dalia Berlin - Susanna Inglada




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