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Two innovative companies have partnered to provide world-class shipping services for your art.

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Whether you’re an amateur collector or a professional gallerist, art transportation is crucial to maintain and expand your collection. Your art is precious and loses value if it arrives at your doorstep in anything but perfect condition.  Yet this step is all-too-often overlooked until it’s too late, when complications have already arisen. 
Art has been travelling blindly since the 15th century, and in today’s globalized world, precious artwork has longer distances to cover than ever. Yet with shipping experience and know-how, your art can be delivered quickly, efficiently, and safely, even when shipping fragile, larger pieces. This crucial process requires expertise, structure, and precision.
Our partnership consists of two parties: Kooness, a leading digital platform in the art market that shares, sells, and promotes contemporary art online, creating easy solutions for the everyday challenges faced by galleries and ARTE Generali, an innovative insurance company in the field of risk prevention and protection of artistic assets.
These companies have combined, drawing upon their years of experience in the art and insurance sectors, to cover you through every step of the art shipping process.       

The Kooness Promise while Taking Care of your Artworks.
Kooness and ARTE Generali have set several goals to ensure the meticulous delivery of their clients’ art. The keywords are value, precision, and cost-effectiveness.
The first factor to take into consideration is price. Given the value of artworks, cost of shipping may often rise quickly. Kooness and ARTE Generali ensure the best possible prices for their clientele – priority being transparency, and coverage for any possible damages that may arise during transportation.
Additionally, Kooness has built an inclusive shipping strategy to encompass every unique work of art. Besides inclusive insurance, we consider factors such as the material, and the size of the artwork for its own safety. The packaging includes four angular foam plates that keeps the artwork still during transportation and guarantees high resistance to potential damages. Once the outer case is removed, the folder opens like a book. As you may have noticed, we thought about the most meticulous details for a safe and customer-friendly service that increases the security of buying fragile works with long arrival routes.
Every phase has its own risks – yet Kooness together with ARTE Generali will manage them, from beginning to end – your job is to sit back and wait for us to pack and deliver your artwork. 


The Shipping Promise by Kooness and Arte Generali. 2023

Cover image: courtesy of ARTE Generali

Written by Sveva Berto 

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