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From the 15th to the 6th of July, Gonzalo Lauda will present his photographs from the series Malvinas, exploring intangibles themes.

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Julia Baitalá, located in Buenos Aires, is hosting a new solo exhibition of the photographer Gonzalo Lauda. The exhibition, curated by Gelen Marquez Silva, will run from the 15th of May to the 6th of July, 2024. The exhibition will show a selection of 21 photographs from the series Malvina. The pictures speak for themselves, as they are part of a historical documentary. They explore intangible themes, honoring human sentiment, such as: value, courage, companionship and love. 

Gonzalo Lauda was born in Buenos Aires in 1967. He started his photography studies in 1985 and continued his formal education with the photographer Eduardo Gil. Later in life, he conducted different workshops with Fabiana Berreda. Today, the artist works as a professional photographer in his own studio in Buenos Aires and from there he works for important labels and advertising agencies from Argentina and the world. Meanwhile, he develops his personal work. He realized different expositions and different publications showing battles. His third photographic book combines a series of images that he produced in the last ten years. They tell stories about historical facts, relevant and important, and about the battle of men and women to gain freedom.


Gonzalo Lauda, Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery.


In the main room of the exhibition, gigantographies of cold and austere landscapes in contrast with images that give a sense of hope prevail. The big pictures are sided by smaller photographs that show details about people and captured moments able to narrate the story of bravery and anonymous subjects. This production was carried out with the collaboration of the Argentine Army. To this end, forty uniforms, from clothing to footwear and helmets, were recreated in the Army’s tailoring workshops. The environment, which also used Army trucks and airplanes, was recreated both in Malvinas and in the town of Pigüé in the province of Buenos Aires, which has a soil very similar to that of the islands.

With his impressionistic style images, Lauda is able to capture the mark of the collective imaginary of a time. Thus, the room, filled by these stories, invites the viewer to go through the journey of each photograph to connect with them and let the feelings felt by human ancestors arise inside the viewers as well


Gonzalo Lauda, Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery.


The curator Gelen Marquez Silva about Gonzalo Lauda’s exhibition: “when Gonzalo Lauda recreates scenes from a past history, creating new visual narratives from the chronicles of, the people, the place and the events that took place in the past, he acts as a documentarist who seeks to convey the feeling of belonging, the symbolic value attributed to a place and the love for the homeland”.

The intention behind this image selection is to give voice to the subjects, showing their ability to confront a difficult situation and hold on to the only thing possible, the spirit of surviving, to protect their common feeling of courage. The images identify individuals who fought and continued to fight for something part of themselves, their homeland. The land where they were born and were created. 

Cover Image: Gonzalo Lauda. Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery

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