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Born in 1987 in Livorno, Italy, Isabella Nazzarri obtained her Bachelor degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. After that, she went on with a degree in Visual Art from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan.


Her art seems to be a dialogue with natureIsabella Nazzarri studied plants, stones and microorganisms. She paints fleeing forms, floating lines. She defines color as an emotive grammar. Isabella's art is an abstract poetry that lies between shape and matter, memory and nature.

Gestures and emotion.

Her main medium is watercolor and her subjects remember us nature. Her forms are rather the visual transposition of mental results and moods.

Floating structures that bring us into a moving world. As mentioned, the biomorphic nature of these shapes recalls the complexity of microorganisms like germs, bacilli and microbes.

Innesti are characterized by spontaneity. Light colors create soft lines. Monadi represent a transient work between painting and sculpture. Here, Isabella Nazzarri tries to give to the color more expression, transforming it into a sculpture. They seem like 3D watercolors. Epifanie suggest us rocks and minerals’ shape, staying abstract and without having a recognizable form.


Currently, Isabella Nazzarri has a solo show at ABC Arte gallery, in Genova, and she’s preparing another exhibition in Rome.


Isabella Nazzarri, Fresco frizzante estivo (Ultima estate), 2017, 50x70cm, watercolor on paper


Isabella Nazzarri, Monade, 2017 - 25x15x25cm Epoxy resin and pigments on glass


Isabella Nazzarri, Rifrangenza del blu, 2017 - 50x40 cm Acrylic on paper


Isabella Nazzarri, Epifania, 2017 - 25x15x10cm Polyurethane foam, chromed paint and polyurethane resin. Detail.