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For anyone who wants to embrace a professional artistic path, the first necessary thing is a curated, well-presented, and updated portfolio. How does one create it? First of all, by paying a lot of attention to the recipient and the purpose. 

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A clever artist knows well that their portfolio is the first tool needed to make business and marketing. Over the last few years, more than a paper portfolio it became necessary to have a well-curated artist portfolio on the web. That way, through a simple click, it's possible to increase the chance for collectors, gallerists, curators, agencies and museums to easily find what they are looking for. Because the artists reading this article are most likely at the beginning of their career, we chose five best art portfolio websites created by mid-career artists.

Now, a list of few things that you have to keep in mind... have fun with the original design, don't be scared to select only a few representative artworks, write a statement that could really help people to understand your message... and again, always use high quality images, insert a updated biography with basic information about your life and education but, most of all, try to give a clear image of your professional path with a list of exhibitions (personal and collective), projects (residences and research) and, if possible, prize and awards. 


Teresa Giannico born in Bari (1985). After graduating in Figurative Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, she specialised in Drawing and Painting, while developing a strong interest in set design and theatre and growing ever closer to photography. Teresa Giannico website...


Teresa Giannico, Interno n°14, 2018. 



Born in 1981, Luxembourg, Sali Muller is an installation and sculptor artist who uses reflective surfaces in order to address universal feelings of self-doubt, self-reflection and self-revelation. Sali Muller website...


Sali Muller, Fragile Gebilde, 2019.



Gysbert Zijlstra (1978) and Erris Huigens (1978) derive their inspiration from the industrial or urban landscape, in particular, the strict functional character of steel structures, scaffolding and construction cranes. Graphic Surgery website...


Graphic Surgery, Increment Increase III, 2018



Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223) born in Guangdong, China in 1979, Graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. Lin Zhipeng is a photographer and freelance writer based in Beijing. Lin Zhipeng website...


Lin Zhipeng, Helen's food, 2009


Albert Pinya (Palma de Mallorca, 1985) lives and works in Palma, he is like an enfant terrible. Albert’s poetics is simple but energetic and dynamic. Through drawings, painting, sculptures and installations he creates imaginary scenery full of figures and colours… the Pinya’s Universe. He takes from films, series TV, cartoons the flair to make his artworks. Albert Pinya website...


Albert Pinya, Favela II, 2018.


Cover image: Courtesy this.deakin.edu.au

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