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Summer is over - the time of autumn storms and rainy days is coming. But in every storm there's a rainbow hidden somewhere, and in the darkest night we're closest to dawn. Chasing the rainbow shows the works of four abstract female artists, each of whom (…) turns to the bright and positive, the small things that are often overlooked

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At the ZContemporary Gallery in Hamburg, this month there is an exhibition that shines a positive light on abstract art. ‘Chasing the rainbow’ will be accessible to the public from the 20th to the 31st of October 2022.

With the opening taking place on the 22nd of October at 6pm, in Grindelallee 129, Hamburg, the exhibition showcases works by the artists Amelia Coward, Susanne Kirsch, Marija Nikolic and Miriam Smidt.

Amelia Coward holds a 1st class Honours from Central St Martins and MA from the Royal College of Art. She is a visual artist based in Whitstable, Kent (UK), renowned for her exploration of colour gradations, mixing and blending. In her works there is a ‘spacial balance’ - between colourful geometric elements. “This desire to control is combined with my wild impulse to marry and harmonise bold clashing blocks of colours. My focus is on the way the colours interact in intense macro shapes and the spaces created between the colours.”


Amelia Coward. Irregular Stripe, 2022. Courtesy of Z Contemporary 


Susanne Kirsch lives and works in Rodenbach, Germany. Having studied colour painting at the Academy of Art in Kolbermoor and Bad Reichenhall, her works are now held in private collections worldwide. Through an interplay of different colours, she develops multi-layered compositions which create an illusion of depth. “My art lives from the view behind the facade. It is a symbol for the unusual and the peculiarities that make life colourful. This imperfection has an irresistible charm. It is a source of inspiration for me.”


Susanne Kirsch. Open Minded (2), 2022. Courtesy of Z Contemporary


Marija Nikolic lives and creates in Belgrade, Serbia. She obtained a Master’s degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and since then she has participated in a number of group exhibitions, had six solo shows and took part in a few art colonies. Her current visual expression is deeply rooted in the aesthetic thought of abstract minimalism and postminimalism. “I create artworks on paper and canvas by exploring the possibilities of a framed and clear geometric form. My work revolves around the exploration of color harmony, values, shapes, and perfect proportions.”


Marija Nikolic – 19:57, 2022. Courtesy of Z Contemporary


Born and raised in Ostfriesland, a region of Germany bordering the unique Wadden Sea, Miriam Smidt has always felt drawn to the water in the same way that she has always felt drawn to art. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, she took the decision to focus on art, even inventing her own method of fluid painting with watercolor inks and paste: ‘liquid light painting’. “You try to compose an art piece - a life, curriculum vitae, your memoirs - and everything runs like water through your fingers. (…) There is no answer to the heavy and grim facts of life but to oppose them with levity - with the transparency and brightness of watercolour inks”


Miriam Smidt. It's coming in waves, 2021. Courtesy of Z Contemporary

View exhibition on //www.kooness.com/exhibitions/chasing-the-rainbow  

Cover image: Miriam Smidt. Flourish Fiercely, 2021. Credits to Z Contemporary. 

Written by: Sveva Berto

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