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“Carte Esposte”, curated by Annalisa Fanti, is a collective show with selected works by Debora Barnaba, Christiane Beer, Carlo Buzzi, Federico De Leonardis, Ohya Masaaki, Marc Vincent Kalinka, Fabrizio Parachini, Claudia Scarsella, Elisabeth Scherffig, Mohsen Taasha Wahidi, Aja Von Loeper.



July 11th -  August 4th 2017    



Theca Gallery

22 Tadino street

Milan (IT)



From July 11th to August 4th, Theca Gallery proposes the collective show entitled “CARTE ESPOSTE”curated by Annalisa Fanti with a selection of works from the gallery collection. The exhibition is articulated in two different moments, a first body of works including works made ON paper, where the medium in this case is the support of the work itself, while a second group of works characterized by the fact that works are made WITH paper.

In the first section of the exhibition, there are works by Carlo Buzzi (FFPP, 2013), Debora Barnaba (Untitled, 2012), Ohya Masaaki (Copperplate Drawing, 2011), Claudia Scarsella (Desire to be up to 2010), Mohsen Taasha Wahidi (Memoir, 2017). Back to exhibit in the gallery, Marc Vincent Kalinka with Bulgakov: The fatal eggs (2014), work from the series "The book I Loved". This work opens the second section, works with paper. Here a collection of works by Christiane Beer (Gestern Unterwegs, 2016), Federico De Leonardis (Genesi della Tagliatella, 1976), Elisabeth Scherffig (Milan XI, 2014), Aja Von Loeper (Weiss Blatt, 2015) and Fabrizio Parachini (Volumi Collage, 2009).



was born in Plauen, Saxony, in 1965. She is now living in Italy, near the city of Cuneo where it is located her atelier as well. The artist cooperates with art galleries mostly based in Milan, Munich and Stuttgart, each of them fundamental places in her artistic formation. Among her solo shows are the recent Terrain vague, l’oscillazione e la traccia at Theca Gallery (2016, with Elena Modorati), Galleria del Milione in 2013 (with Elena Modorati), Fabbri Contemporary Art in Milan and Silvia Art in 2009, At Bocconi University in 2008, by Grossetti Arte Contemporanea in 2000 and at the Gedok-Galerie in Stuttgart in 1998. Her work ORT is part of the Panza di Biumo Collection and it is now permanently exhibited in the outdoor spaces of Villa Panza in Varese.



was born in Milan in 1985. She uses the photographic medium as an expressive medium and has been a student of Oliviero Toscani. In 2010, her series Kissing was published in the journal "il Fotografo", with the cover of the magazine dedicated to her works. In 2011, her first monograph came out Visioni del Vuoto: Varese a catalog, including the critical texts of Riccardo Crespi, Riccardo Manzotti and Sandro Iovine, documenting in an original way the Città GiardinoTheca Gallery hosted her first solo show Untitled in Lugano (2013) as well as the collective show White Light / White heat (2014).


 Debora Barnaba - Untitled, 2012



born in Busto Arsizio in 1967, is an Italian artist, known for his work in the urban context. He uses the tools of advertising. Normally he works on interventions involving the urban context, using the common typographic poster. A significant number of posters is exposed in public places. Carlo Buzzi made the first “public” operation in 1990, in collaboration with gallery owner Luciano Inga-Pin in Milan. He exhibited with various Italian galleries. With Theca Gallery he realized public posters FFPP and Rabdomante (2013), Red Back Wine and Savon (2014), The Scream (2015). Again with Theca Gallery he exhibited in Un contributo alla storia anonima (2013) in Milan, Antologia Pubblica (2014) in Lugano and Campione d’Italia, Sguardi dalla città with Azimut Consulting SIM and Corpi Speciali with Camera di Commercio Italo Uruguayana, and the solo show Memories can’t wait (2016, con Fabrizio Parachini) at Theca Gallery.


Carlo Buzzi - FFPP, 2013



was born in La Spezia in 1938. He is a conceptual artist exploring the theme of space through environmental and site-specific installations. He works mainly with sculpture in different forms; he prefers the use of marble, iron, reinforced concrete and paper. He is also active through literature, has a blog (http://federicodeleonardis.tumblr.com/) with critics on the art system. He published several books in which he investigates and extends his own research on the concept of space. Remember: Sonata in Minor, D'après Beuys, Press Release, both numbered edition albums, Il Pendolo De Leonardis, Shadows, Black Firmanento, Curriculum, Clarify, Family Captions and Textures, and true illustrated books Eclipse, Shape, Extempora, the latter edited by Theca Gallery Milano.


Federico De Leonardis - Genesi (Tagliatella), 1974



was born and raised in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan in 1972. He holds a 1998 MA in Painting from Tama Art University,Tokyo, having studied etching under Professor Yukio Fukazawa, Mayumi Morino and Tatsumasa Watanabe. Central to its artistic production is the almost scientific, scientific observation of nature, reproduced through the technique of engraving. Among the main prizes won are the 14th International Biennial in Varna, Bulgaria (2007), the 13th Taiwan International Biennial (2008), the 9th Biennale of Graphic Arts in Uzice, Serbia (2009) and the Combat Award, graphic section, in Livorno, Italy (2014). There are numerous solo exhibitions he held in Japan and Europe. He exhibites in Tokyo with Yoseido Gallery (2016) and Shonandai Gallery (2016), by Theca Gallery Nature Beyond time and space in Lugano (2014) and Minima Naturalia in Milan (2016). Among the museum collections: host his works are the Sakima Museum in Okinawa (Japan), the Vilnius Graphics Center (Lithuania) and the Bronx Museum of the Arts (USA).


Ohya Masaaki - Copperplate drawing n.18, 2011



was born in Kabul in 1991. He is internationally considered one of the most interesting young artists in the visual arts scene in Afghanistan. In 2012 he exhibited at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and dOCUMENTA (13) in Kabul, curated by Andrea Viliani and Aman Mojadidi. Taasha then exhibited in the US at the Visual Art exhibition in Afghanistan at the Sarnoff College of Arts (2014) and at the 56th Biennale of Venice in the exhibition The Great Game by Marco Meneguzzo (2015, National Pavilion of Iran) and Dhaka Art Summit: Asian Week, edited by Shabnam Lilani and Aman Mujadidi in Bangladesh (2016). Theca Gallery has organized several exhibitions for the artist, including the solo shows Beyond The Curtain (2016) and Afghan Memories (2017) both in Milan and MAIN d13 | One KaBuL (...) two TESsin [THE RIVERS] in 2013 in Lugano.


Mohsen Taasha Wahidi - Memoir, 2017



was born in Novara and graduated in medicine in Turin. He exercises as a doctor for a decade while studying and investigating the theories and poetry of abstract art. He is active in the non-objective, theoretical, artistic, exhibition curator and teacher of "Visual Perception Theory", "Chromatology" and "Methodology and visual analysis "at the Accademia di Novara. In recent years his expressive research has become particularly attentive to environmental relations and to the Installation developments. Among the recent personal exhibitions organized with Theca Gallery: Fabrizio Parachini: simple sounds in partnership with Azimut Consulting SIM, Milan (2015), Fabrizio Parachini: The wait, on the threshold in collaboration with the Uruguay Chamber of Commerce (2014) and the solo show Il volume a due dimensioni (2015) and the duo show with Carlo Buzzi Memories can’t Wait (2016), both in Milan.



was born in Viterbo in 1979. She graduated from the Central Saint Martin College in London and later at the Politecnico in Milan, where she lives and works. Collage is the expressive medium she uses to express herself. Iconographic finds and clippings are placed on paper, to support her work. She has exhibited in many countries, including Lebanon from Art Factum Gallery, and Dubai Art Fair, with Theca Gallery she exhibited both in Lugano and in Budapest, Brussels and Milan. Her works are in collections of the Middle East, Singapore, Japan and continental Europe. 


Claudia Scarsella, - Desiderio di essere all'altezza, 2013



was born in Düsseldorf in 1949. From the seventies, she lives and works in Milan. She explores the concept of urban stratification through the meticulous representation of the transformation of cities in which she lives. She works on Swedish paper and also on silk, porcelain, metal and silicone. Among the significant exhibitions of the last few years the one at the Milanese at the Studio Museum Francesco Messina (2014) and New Works at Faggionato Gallery in London (2014), the collective Within light/ inside glass at Palazzo Loredan in Venice (2015), Ad Naturam, at the Museum of Natural History and De Rerum Natura at Galleria Studio La Città, both organized in Verona (2014), The Void, organized by Theca Gallery in Milan (2015), My way, A modo mio at the Museum of Modern Art MAMbo of Bologna (2017).


Elisabeth Scherffig - Milano XI, 2014



was born in Leonberg-Warmbronn in 1971. She currently lives and works in Nuremberg. Her artistic research has the main focus on paper: large white sheets on which the artist realizes with a wooden stripe swells, reliefs and surface movements under which empty, light and delicate spaces are underlined. The works so realized enrich with dynamic surfaces and volumes, transforming the two-dimensional paper into volumetric sculptures. The works of Aja von Loeper have been exhibited in important international exhibitions: Karlsruhe Art Fair (2015, 2016, 2017) where she exhibited with the Mahuer Gallery in St. Petersburg (2014) at the Semenov Gallery and in Budapest (2014) where the artist realized with Theca Gallery the collective exhibition The oldest ones among us are thirty years old (1961-1991). Also with Theca Gallery in Milan, The Void (2015) and InsideOut (2016, bipersonal with Domenico D'Oora).



was born in Milan in 1968, the city he lives in. He uses digital language as a tool to study the approach to contemporary society. He exhibited in numerous personal and collective shows in Europe and Russia. Among his recent participations are the Design Week of Saint Petersburg (Russia, 2016), Apostasy of Beauty at the Contemporary Art Museum of Zilina (Slovak Republic, 2016), Icon {a short retrospective on contemporary iconography concept}, organized by Theca Gallery in Lugano (Switzerland, 2014) and Scope NY with Barbarian Art Gallery (USA, 2015) and collective show BLKNZM organized for MANIFESTA10 in St. Petersburg (Russia, 2014).


 Marc Vincent Kalinka - Sussurrealism_Manifesto del Surrealismo, 2014. Details.


© Photo Credits: Theca Gallery Milano