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From the 4-6 June 2021, the London Gallery Weekend will make the city feel alive! The COVID proof events and exhibitions all over London make this weekend the busiest in the capital for a long time…

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A first edition of the London Gallery Weekend is taking place in the UK’s capital, uniting Contemporary Art Galleries across the city from the 4th until the 6th of June.

Today, with a gallery brunch, performance, book presentations, guided tours, talks, streams and an artist-led walkthrough, LGW opens with an explosion of events. This will spread across London tomorrow and Sunday. 

An incredible choice – but what is LGW all about? Celebrating culture and creativity, over 130 different galleries are coming together in a free (soon to be) annual event. Indeed, after a year of bottled-up energy, LGW truly is a much-awaited celebration!


Google Maps, Interactive Map of Galleries and Events on London Gallery Weekend Website, 2021, Courtesy of London Gallery Weekend ©2021 Google.


Although LGW has a widespread programme, it also has daily focus making it easier to understand where to be and when. Starting today, the events are concentrated in the centre of London, tomorrow the epicentre will be in the galleries in the South of the city, and in the East End on Sunday, the final day. 

This dynamic weekend’s programme has something for everyone, with a range of different types of events and galleries. Additionally, it is free aiming at being accessible for a wide range of people, students, experts, artists, professionals – and children. 

In fact, for the curious kids in the audience, a Craft Pack has been made specifically by David Zwirner, and Children’s Guides have been created by the Royal Society of Sculptors. Also freely available to download form LGW’s website, the Children’s Guides focus on three artists. In Central London, the focus of the guide is on British Sculptor Rachel Whiteread at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill, in the South the guide is dedicated to Greek Artist Takis at White Cube Bermondsey, and in East London at Victoria Miro Gallery the guide looks at Japanese Artist Yakoi Kusama’s work.


n.d., Artist Kate Dunn Solo Show installation under UV light Introduction 4.06.2021 @TJ Boulting in Central London, 2021, Courtesy of London Gallery Weekend ©2021 LONDON GALLERY WEEKEND.


Natasha Schmitten, ‘Poise II’ in the group exhibition WABI-SABI with performance by Saxophone Player Hanna Marchand 5.06.2021 @Kristin Hjellergjerde Gallery in South London, 2020, Courtesy of London Gallery Weekend ©2021 LONDON GALLERY WEEKEND.


The inclusive material can be found at the galleries and will be handed out to the younger visitors throughout the weekend. The aim is to invite children to think, invent, create and explore a particular artist in a gallery – a lovely way of inviting the younger ones to engage with Contemporary Art.

And for the older audience? With so much on view how can one choose a path without getting lost in London? Six Curated Routes have cleverly been developed by different experts. Found on LGW’s website with a map and the details of the events and exhibitions, they are an expert and very personal selection of what is on offer. 

The experts who have developed the six Curated Routes are: Curator Aindrea Emelife, Art Collector Alexander Petalas, British Artist Haroon Mirze and Directors Martin Clark of Camden Art Centre, Nicholas Cullinan of the National Portrait Gallery, and Sarah McCroy of Goldsmiths CCA.

With so many already bubbling with excitement, all you need to do is head to the website to plan your first London Gallery Weekend (click here)!


Tabula Rasa Gallery, Poster ‘Deep Simulator’ Extented Hours + Hoxton Bookstore 6.06.2021 @Tabula Rasa Gallery in East London, 2021, Courtesy of London Gallery Weekend ©2021 LONDON GALLERY WEEKEND.


Cover image: London Gallery Weekend, Image of Website, 2021, Courtesy of bosseandbaum.com ©2021 LONDON GALLERY WEEKEND.

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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