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WOL75 offers some insight about the MC Collection. Read the interview to learn more about how consumerism and group behavior play a significant role in modern society as well as his artworks. 

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Kooness: Tell me about the MC COLLECTION series

WOL75: In the MC Collection, I mainly focused on consumerism and group behavior. In fact, personal identification is the main reason for the creation of this collection, as I felt strongly compelled by a victimized society. People are often driven by other people’s opinions and get influenced by their habits without questioning how we consume the data and information we have at our disposal all the time. The series is not really about food or material things, it is much more about the information consumed by our environment. As often I do with my collections, I started with ideas and concept sketches in 2008 and ten years later, in 2017, I started working on the artworks. I relate to these years as the backward evolution towards the social media era that controls everything and everyone. What I mean by this is that people started consuming the same information and only a fragment of it, not being able to view the bigger picture, keeping the same habits and interests. For me it’s fascinating that most people are being enslaved by this as the information they receive controls their lives. This is also why people become predictable and don’t learn anything new. The MC collection is to open eyes - and to teach you to be aware of your environment and information you consume. 

Kooness: Describe the colour focus in the Collection

WOL75: Unlike my other collections, the MC Collection uses way more colours. For instance, I use green as the background colour to represent nature and nurture. This is purport to be a safe environment, like a comfort zone. I use the logos for products, both edible products and not, but are really meant as a metaphor to the information. It’s not about the actual products, rather it's about the information these multi-millionaire companies give to sell their products. My question is: what would happen if we didn’t have the same information day in and day out? I will take a large fast food company as an example; they say they sell happiness, however this is not possible by the selection of foods they sell - unhealthy and harmful. Then, in my artwork “City of Madness”, I use blue and pink to represent the propaganda.