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Broadening horizons for Cuban artists and promoting, facilitating and locating Cuban heritage is Artemorfosis' key role and objective.

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The art that is made in Cuba – by Cuban artists, who reside in the island and who cover a wide spectrum of trends, styles, genres and conceptual implication – is the epicenter of the work of ArteMorfosis, a gallery based in Zurich, Switzerland, which has become a multimedia platform in digital spaces and Internet social networks.

Promoting this creation, facilitating an effective commercialization of its expressions, locating this heritage in recognized spaces for the socialization of contemporary art have been the objectives of the ArteMorfosis team, but its projections have gone further, since it has sought to broaden the horizons of many artists with holding workshops and multiple calls, aimed at the creative use of technologies or exploring the potential of new platforms.

Evelyn Aguilar. Untitled, 2020. Courtesy of ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

The commitment to Cuban art has been manifested in the concretion of several editions of the Prisma contest, which has annually summoned creators to recreate the difficult circumstances of the health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has stimulated the joint work of two or more artists, or has stimulated Cuban curators to create exhibition projects that take advantage of the benefits of virtual space, in an enriching dialogue with new international trends.

Some of the most important Cuban visual artists have integrated ArteMorfosis projects. At the headquarters in Zurich, shows of great Cuban masters have been exhibited, as well as emerging figures in the current scene. 

Harold Lòpez: Red Beach / Playa Roja, 2021. Courtesy of ArteMorfosis- Cuban Art Platform. 

The young creators, based in several cities in the country, have taken advantage of the exhibitions in art marketing sites, and in the digital spaces of the platform.

A look at the ArteMorfosis catalog will show that it is made up of a large part of the most active, prolific and interesting Cuban artists of today. Among them you can count Pedro Pablo Oliva, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Mabel Poblet, Carlos Quintana, Duvier del Dago, Alejandro Gómez Cangas... and it is a list that is constantly being updated.

Frank David Valdés. The Dream, 2020- Courtesy of ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

ArteMorfosis understands art as a dynamic engine of social processes, and assumes it as a field of multiple confluences. Shaking prejudices and commonplaces about the role of art in the public framework has also been a wakefulness of the platform. And some of the most recent exhibitions confirm it.

The strength of contemporary Cuban art is evident. There is a creative flow that finds sources in the artistic education system and that is consolidated in permanent dialogue with a complex, demanding context. ArteMorfosis wants to leave a testimony. And at the same time, it intends to break a new ground.

Cover Image: Rolo Fernández. The Star, 2020. Courtesy of ArteMorfosis - Cuban Art Platform

Written by: ArteMorfosis

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