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Sun shines bright on Milan at Gilda Contemporary Art with the solo exhibition by Anna Caruso curated by Cristina Gilda Artese.

TORNA IL SOLE, NON IL TEMPO (Sun returns, not time), Anna Caruso's first solo exhibition in the Milan gallery, investigates the themes of memory and identity as the result of a historical stratification of experiences.

The title recalls an ancient expression often found on sundials "the Sun returns, not the time" a sort of warning to experience the passage of time as a ritual in which everything remains the same and at the same time changes.
As in her other exhibitions, the artist combines the pictorial dimension with the exploration of the exhibition space and has designed the exhibition as a true installation that leads the viewer and lives an immersive experience in their own personal imagination while also soliciting new solutions to hypothetical visual rebuses.


Photo credits Kristina Bychkova


Caruso herself writes, "The meaning of my work is explained through the continuous dialogue that space weaves with memory, in a dimension of quantum indeterminacy. Painting for me also means reflecting on human identity, and for this I make use of transparencies and superimpositions that compose themselves on the canvas, creating new perceptual elements, which relate back to the liquidity of the Western society in which I live.

It is not the image that is relevant, but rather the feeling of disorientation that refers to a reflection on human identity based on memories, experiences, and mnemonic inventions. My painting oscillates, therefore, between figuration and abstraction, in a dimension that ranges from painting to installation. Dialogue with the viewer is an integral part of the work, especially with regard to installations.


Photo credits Kristina Bychkova


In them, a participatory and cognitive effort is required of the audience, which is left free to interact with the real and constructed space of the work itself. Just as in cinema the technique of montage of attractions is used, so I work on different levels and overlapping planes, fragmenting and reconstructing, breaking down and separating images to create a reversal of perception and meaning."

If you happen to be in Milan do not miss the exhibition TORNA IL SOLE, NON IL TEMPO open till May 31st. 


Photo credits Kristina Bychkova


Photo credits Kristina Bychkova


Cover image: Anna Caruso, Non è la stessa storia, 2022. 

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