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From the 4rd to the 6th of September 2021, the Second Edition of REA! Art Fair will take place in the city of Milan. Showing 100 emerging artists and a broad range of mediums, they are shifting our attention from the market to the artists.

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Milan is a well-known centre for the Arts in Italy, a cultural and fashionable hub for collectors. However, the entirely female team behind REA! is organising a rather different venue. They propose an artist-centred fair, changing the way we evaluate art by fostering dialogue between young talents, different art professionals, collectors and the public.


Giulia Cacciuttolo, Conundrum, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist.


In their very first edition in 2020, the female team contrasted the difficulties of the pandemic when REA! was the only art fair to be hosted by the city of Milan. But now they are stronger than ever. This year at the Fabbrica del Vapore, opening with the vernissage on the 3rd (on invitation only) and open for the following three days, until the 6th of September 2021, REA! Art Fair is back. 

REA! is an art fair like no other. It is all “about creating a connection with the world as a political being where you begin to own, sustain and encourage ideas.” In fact, the art fair aims at supporting and drawing attention to the participating International and Italian artists by enabling dialogue and connections in an organic and interactive exhibition.


Eleonora Rinaldi, La Ciotola d’Oro, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


REA! Art Fair is opening its doors to extend the Contemporary Art conversation and include fresh perspectives, creating an innovative platform for existing talents. The pieces on display are strong and powerful, and together the different techniques and media show a collection of fine and meticulously researched material masterpieces.

On this vibrant platform, the incredible range on display will show the works of 100 International and Italian artists selected by a jury of five Female Curators. New names include emerging artists Giulia Cacciuttolo, Chabyul Park, Eleonora Rinaldi and Chiara Ressetta, as well as many other fresh talents. The exceptional fair will also feature Guest Artists selected by the independent curatorial collective ‘Artoday’.


Chanbyul Park, Nature of time, 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


Chiara Ressetta, Le forme della memoria (caco in pineta), 2021, Courtesy of the Artist.


In this increasingly important art fair, your will find an unmissable programme touching on the hot themes of the art market as well as with the central rich curated display of over 100 artists’ unique works. In fact, in order to give a ‘new face’ to the Contemporary Art Market, REA! will see three special awards and a rich programme of conferences. 

Without doubt, there is much more to this art fair…

All eyes on REA!


REA! Art Fair, Banner, 2021, Courtesy of REA! Art Fair.


Cover image: REA! Art Fair, REA! Art Fair Team, n.d., Courtesy of REA! Art Fair.

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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