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Today, on the 15th of September 2021, a NFT Fundraising Auction is taking place to fund an ongoing series of Crypto-Art virtual residency programs for emerging artists. It is a cross-chain effort to open up new paths for Digital Artists.

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A new path opens up for digital art today, 15th September 2021, as the doors of infinite possibilities open up with the NFT fundraising auction for the first Crypto-Art Residency specifically for emerging artists.

The auction is going to be taking place at Arium Spaces, a 3D virtual and metaspace, at 8 p.m. UTC and will be streamed on VCA’s Twitter and Discord accounts. What to expect? 13 important artists - such as Kevin Abosch, Mario Klingemann, Helen Sarin, Brendan Dawes, Mattia Cuttini, RareScrilla and many other incredible important digital artists - have donated unique one-of-a-kind works (only recently revealed) to be dropped at this auction. Streamed and unmissable, the auction will provide a unique collection of interesting developments in NFT Art, also including a DJ performance by Eclectic Method. 

After attracting an incredible amount of attention last year, the digital artworks were seen as the ‘fast fashion’ of the Art World, but this auction and its scope show that NFT Art is not just a money grabbing rage. They are diversifying, decentralising and opening up the Art World, and the artists included in the auction are proving this with their innovative ideas which are setting new limits for the Contemporary Art World as we know it today. 


Brendan Dawes, The Art of Cybersecurity, 2019, Courtesy of the artist.


Founded in 2020, VerticalCrypto Art, the foundation behind the auction, is an artist-first community and digital hub. They are committed to advancing NFT and Crypto Art through curatorial services, and creative and event consultancy.

It is an immense honour to be able to bring together such a diverse group of creative individuals and equip them with knowledge on the crypto art ecosystem. I am extremely excited to keep building the program and fostering the advancement of the ecosystem.”, CEO and Founder of VCA Micol states.

For this auction two artists, Cangri Taskin and Walt Reunamo - who have taken part in the residency, giving them the possibility of collaborating and equipping them with ‘metaverse’ native skills - have created a custom metaverse-build. In fact, the residency, which has already welcomed 17 artists from 17 different countries, has had already had a strong impact on the NFT world, involving various leading experts.


Mattia Cuttini, Digital Device, 2020, Courtesy of async.art


With support already being given by the Tezos Foundation, VerticalCrypto Art has realised how “As the NFT and Crypto Art ecosystem grows, it is essential for artists to be able to lean into resources and educational programs, such as this residency, which can give them the knowledge, skills and tools to empower their metaverse/crypto art and Web3 journey.” 

They are committed to developing more programs and more educational possibilities for the new artists and creators of today’s Art World “providing them with tools and resources needed to access this ecosystem, thereby ensuring that Crypto Art expands in a diverse and inclusive way. 

In fact, it is prompt timing to create space for research, experimentation, and also for these artists.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to grab unique digital artworks which are timely reflections of the digital world in which we live.


RareScrilla, Badger pushes buttons Audio Reactive NFT, n.d., Courtesy of the artist.

Cover image: VerticalCrypto Art, Crypto Art Residency – Fundraising Auction Event Banner, 2021, Courtesy of VerticalCrypto Art.

Written by Zoë Zanello

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