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Garotto creates a whole Pop-Art series by combining Disney characters to one of the most influential Italian fashion designers; Versace.

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Garotto had a clear artistic inclination from a very young age, citing Walt Disney as his main source of inspiration and extraordinary artists of the Street Art movement like Damien Hirst, and Keith Haring as his greatest idols, with whom he undoubtedly shares a multidisciplinary approach to artistic work.

Being a great admirer of the great fashion designers, as well as the artists that revolutionized the 80s, and being a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, Garotto set out to create a whole collection of art from the convergence of all these elements. As a result of a long process of creation, he designed unconventional artworks conceptualizing each piece of art according to his vision.

Garotto Art. Mickey Wears Versace – Homage to Hirst, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art.

Versace, as a representative of a modern generation, as well as a great reference in the world of art, fashion, and pop culture, was chosen for Garotto's new collection as the protagonist, because it fits perfectly with Garotto's values of victory, adventure, and integrity. In addition, he wants to give a strong voice to fashion in his art pieces, conveying positivity, diversity, and a strong personality of Versace.

Once the highest quality materials were chosen, Garotto decided to give the protagonist role in fourteen of his artworks to Mickey Mouse, including his eternal love, Minnie Mouse. Through a process of abstraction and using simple polka dots, he created the happy couple, Mickey Wears Versace – Homage to Hirst and Minnie Wears Versace – Homage to Hirst, as well as the portrait of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Head in Versace – Homage to Hirst, which resulted in large, three- dimensional pieces of art. He also produced, eleven sculptures based on Mickey Mouse, including a life-size sculpture, Mickey slips into his Versace number, and the other ten sculptures, inspired by Mickey Mouse's head, with a range of colors between gold, black and white.

Garotto Art. Minnie Wears Versace – Homage to Hirst, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art.

In the 80s, Toru Iwatani launched Pac-Man, to offer a video game that would appeal to both women and men, since until then the themes of video games had always been war or racing. Garotto, sharing the vision of gender equality that the video game represents, decided to include in this collection four different versions of the video game depicting Versace's Medusa about to eat the ghosts of Pac- Man.

Finally, Garotto pays tribute to the great artists of popular culture by presenting his version of the great masterpieces that have captivated millions of people around the world for generations. Thus, Dogs Donning Versace – Homage to Haring is inspired by and pays homage to Keith Haring. Through his own vision, Garotto, creates his unique luxury version of the Pop Art legend's most iconic artwork, while maintaining the essence of the message Haring gave to his artwork.

Garotto Art. Dogs Donning Versace – Homage to Haring, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art.


His latest artwork and the jewel in the crown, Loving Versace - Homage to Haring, is a large format artwork that evokes the strength in the union of love as a tribute once again to the great art master Keith Haring. On a white background, two figures hold in the center of the composition a huge heart that shines towards the rest of the artwork.

Garotto Art. Pac Man Plays with Versace #3, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art.

The exceptionality of this art collection can be found in every detail. From design to execution, every piece of art was created by Garotto. He has designed, tailored, adjusted, and revised several times each artwork achieving an art collection that will delight in each piece of art the most demanding collector.

Instead of the rest of the artists, Garotto did not follow a formal art education, so he was self-taught from the experience gained over the years in multifaceted projects such as designing handcrafted furniture in Argentina or designing luxury clothing in the renowned fashion brand Santa Eulalia, which is what finally made him settle in Spain from 2003. He has also collaborated as a designer for other brands such as Warner Bros and with great contemporary artists such as one of Disney's best animators, Tony Fernandez in 2021.

Garotto Art. Mickey Head in Versace – Homage to Hirst, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art.

In 2022, Garotto joined forces with Corner4art, one of Europe's leading comics, animation, and fantasy illustration distributors, for the exclusive worldwide distribution of his multi-award-winning work under the Garotto Art brand. Garotto Art arose from the possibility of collaborating with Corner4art, given the wide- ranging potential offered by the multidisciplinary nature of his artistic work. Corner4art was looking to embark on unique artistic projects and after the success of Garotto's work teaming up with Tony Fernandez, it was clear that he was perfect for it.

Cover image: Garotto Art. Loving Versace – Homage to Haring, 2022. Courtesy of Corner4art. 

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