Home Magazine Ulay is making a comeback at Frieze New York

After 30 years in the shadow, next month marks the return of German performance artist Ulay to the limelight. Ulay, who is also known as Marina Abramovic's former collaborator and partner, have this time paired up with Slovenian artist Jaša for a collaborative exhibition and performance titled Cutting Through The Clouds of Myth.


The two will perform at a special three-day opening reception on May 6, 7, and 8 in Brooklyn, curated by Mitra Khorasheh. It is described as “a series of actions, an intimate happening, an experimental installation, a language of communication, a provoking exploration of dualities, a setting of madness and tranquility, mockery and admiration." The project will be integrating Ulay's recent artistic activity, which “has focused on environmental issues, specifically on initiatives that raise awareness, enhance understanding, appreciation and respect for our most precious resource: water." With Jaša's work that focuses on the transformation of spaces into experiences which drive them toward their poetic and ecstatic potentials.



There is an expect aquatic theme since the project is being put together by the art performance organization WE.ARE Institute and the environmental non-profit New Water Culture. The show will take place at Kustera Projects in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A VIP event relating to the artists' work takes place on May 7 at Frieze New York, and a talk with the artists takes place on May 12.