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The annual Burning Man Festival just closed its door still shocking thousands of people for its extraordinary and impressive artistic experiments. One of the most astonishing interactive exhibitions of this year was an original 1985 Boeing 747 that landed in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The yet generated a huge impact on thousands of visitors who came inside because of the immersive interactive engagements. People have been invited into the 747 by passing through the “insecurity checkpoint”, dropping off their "emotional baggage" before joining their symbolic “journey through life”. Inside, was full of parties, special musical performances and other exciting events such as daily talks in the First Class Lounge.    


Courtesy: Big Imagination Foundation


Courtesy: Big Imagination Foundation


The 747 Project has been created by the Big Imagination Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization incubating trasformative and creative ideas and talents. The aircraft has been totally restructured by a team of artists and engineers who succeeded in building an extremely interactive experiment for the art world.  In artistic terms it can be stated that Boeing 747 represented a real journey through life, the largest moving art experience ever created.

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