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Fifty thousand metro cards were released. They represent other site-specific works made by the artist, in occasion of the Performa Biennal.

But who’s Barbara Krueger?

Barbara Kruger is an American collage artist famous for her layered photographs. She is defined a "crossover" artist because she is a teacher, a critic and a curator. 
Her work sets a standard to inspire others to use art to transmit a political message. Every Krueger’s work of art presents a fearless statement with a deeper underlying message. She uses black and white images from magazine and newspaper and she puts bold words or strong message over the photo. Exploring the power of image and text.
A large portion of Kruger’s work is focused on the role women play in society, but her work addresses other topics such as sex, consumerism, religion, power, popularity, identity and media.

 One of Kruger’s pieces that has became very popular is known as "Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am)”. This artwork represents a photograph of a black and white human hand that appears to be grasping the words “I Shop Therefore I Am”, which are printed in Kruger’s traditional font of choice, bold typeface, in white lettering with a bold, red background.


Barbara Krueger, I Shop Therefore I Am, 1987


In the past, the MTA has partnered with iconic brand such as Supreme. That campign was extremely power, someone has paid $1,000 on eBay for one of the Metro cards.


“Whose justice?,” “Who is housed?,” “Who is silent?,” and “Whose fears?”

“These issues of power and control and physical damage and death and predation are ages old,” the artist said to The New York Times in an interview. “I wish some of these issues would become archaic.”


Performa provides an extraordinary platform for showing the important role of art in society,” RoseLee Goldberg, founding director and chief curator, says on Performa’s website. “Through live performance we touch people directly, change their minds, and introduce them viscerally to the complicated emotional and aesthetic expressions of artists responding to the world that we inhabit.


Barbara Krueger’s works are in major museum collections worldwide. She is an artist whose work represents something we are immersed in everyday of our lives. Her work is controversial, bold, and most important, impactful. 

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