Home Magazine 126 year old sculpture destroyed by selfie

You might wonder why some museums and galleries have banned the practice of photography on their premises? Well, a great deal because of the dangers of people taking selfies. The selfie continues to endanger the world's collection of fine art. The latest piece to fall victim to an ill-considered photo op is a statue of Dom Sebastiao, who ruled Portugal from 1557 to 1578, at Lisbon's Rossio train station. 

The 126-year-old statue crushed after a 24-year-old man reportedly knocked it over while climbing on it to take a photograph. The suspect, who has not been named, is said to have tried to escape the scene before being detained by police.



A spokesperson stated that they do not yet know when the statue would be repaired. Before the ill-fated incident, the sculpture was standing in between two doorways at the station, which is a protected monument.