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Art Gallery ZANINI ARTE opens the doors to narrateitself and the history of Art throughout the passion of a family. Three exhibitionscurated and stagedwith more than a masterworksranging from the sixteenthcentury to thisday, granting a full immersion in the Art world. The selection of all the uniquepieceswithin the gallerygerminates from years of research, collaborations and art collection, unfoldingthe veryroots from whichallhasstarted more than a century ago. Afteryears of expertise in bothmodern and ancient art, the Zanini family hasdecided to focus upon an evenwider panorama: contemporary art, following the perspective of new ideas to reach for an evernearer future. The idea behind Zanini Contemporary Gallery is to enrich and complete the cultural and artisticcollection. Abstract and figurative paintings, moulds, sculptures, innovative materialssuchasreagent media, and techniquelayering. A quest for new forms and younginternationalartistsalwaysmeasuring up to the standardsreached by Zanini Gallery in severalyears of passionate activity. Zanini Antique Gallery and Zanini Contemporary Gallery are broughttogether in ZANINI ARTE: one single fostering centre for all culture from the fourteenthcentury to the thirdmillennium. The purpose of thisexhibitionis to celebrate the origins of a passionborn a long time ago, and show how art, in allitsdifferentshapes – painting, sculpture, installation – hasalwaysbeen the favouredsymbol of beauty.

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Via Virgilio 7
46027 San Benedetto Po (MN)


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