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Tallulah Studio Art was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Patrizia Madau, creative mind, art, design and photography consultant. Always looking for emerging young talents, she devotes her attention to the proposals of new generations, promoting form and material in design and contemporary art, in all its expressions. The strength that distinguishes Tallulah Studio lies in its continuous aesthetic evolution and the ability always to express concretely the results of a constant research. Patrizia Madau got into the work of young artists in the recent international scene such as Donatella Izzo, Federico Unia, Federica Angelino, Patrick Corrado, Gian Piero Gasparini, Mauro Vettore, Riccardo Bonfadini, Ian Gamache, Fabio Roncato, Daria Dziecielewska Mc Douglas, Jono Nussbaum, Jordi Suñé Ferrús, Nicola Marenzi, Lorenzo Santy, Andrea Milano. Since 1999 Tallulah Studio Art has presented several exhibitions of art, photography and design, collaborating with internationally renowned artist and designers as Gerry De Bastiano, Melvin Anderson, Guillermontalbano, Nigel Coates, Pier Lorenzo Salvoni, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Donata Clovis, Edland Man Dusciana Bravura, Maya Manz, Nicola Falcone, Maria Napoli, Thomas Berra.

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Piazzale Antonio Baiamonti, 3
20154 Milan


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