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The MissionArt Gallery was founded in 1990 by its owners and managers, László Jurecskó and Zsolt Kishonthy, art historians with ten years of museum experience. The gallery has hosted numerous exhibitions of contemporary and Nagybánya painting in Hungary and abroad (Vienna, Bucharest, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Berlin, London, Moscow, Los Angeles) . His contemporary exhibitions have focused on the latest trends in contemporary Hungarian art, and he has repeatedly created thematic group exhibitions at the invitation of the gallery (First Miskolc Plastic Rabbit Exhibition, The Big Jug, The Toy, European Fries). The success of these exhibitions is evidenced by the fact that, after the exhibitions in Miskolc, they have often appeared in other exhibition venues. The exhibition series on Nagybánya painting began in Miskolc in 1992, entitled Nagybánya Painting from the Occurrence of Neo-Nazis to 1944, which according to many art historians has acted as a revelation and essentially rewrote this section of Hungarian art history. The then-record-breaking 60 articles, TV and radio reports on the exhibition were often considered to be of epoch-making importance, highlighting that this was not a national museum, but an (then) "rural" private gallery event. Subsequent monographic exhibitions have shed new light on many, almost completely unknown or barely known works of life(Oszkár Nagy, Tibor Boromisza, Dávid Jándi, Gizella Dömötör, Hugó Mund) . The works of these painters and of the Baia Mare in general became known in the art history as a result of these exhibitions and the monographs published by the MissionArt Gallery. Later on, Nagybánya's painting was exhibited in summary exhibitions in Budapest (1996) , Kempen (1997) and Vienna (1999) and Dunaszerdahely (2010) . The Gallery was invited to the Art Forum Berlin in 1997 and 1998, and from 1999 onwards was the only one of the former Eastern Bloc countries to participate in the CULTURA Art Fair in Basel. The most significant Hungarian and foreign (Austrian, French, German) museums have been purchased several times from his collection . The gallery is a member of NAHAG, the National Association of Hungarian Art Galleries. The MissionArt has been the only one in the private galleries for a long time, publishing a series of art history books since 1992, the volumes of which have been widely recognized by professionals and audiences. It is perhaps also due to this activity that in 1996 the leaders of the MissionArt Gallery received the title of Artist of the Year in Hungary. Mattis Teutsch and Der Blaue Reiter, co-organized with the Hungarian National Gallery and the Haus der Kunst in Munich, are the most significant company in the MissionArt Gallery so far. This project presents the art of János Mattis Teutsch, an outstanding Hungarian avant-garde master, partly forgotten (mainly abroad) , in parallel with the works of the members of the Blaue Reiter, at two large-scale exhibitions in Budapest and Munich in 2001. An international (Hungarian, German, Romanian, American) team of well-known scholars of Mattis Teutsch's art participated in the preparation of the exhibition and the creation of the catalog . (In parallel, the virtual exhibition of Mattis Teutsch and Der Blaue Reiter was opened at www.mattis.kfki.hucan be visited.) These large-scale exhibitions and related English, German museum catalogs tailored international scientific thoroughness of life and richness further strengthened the international reputation of the gallery. The works of János Mattis Teutsch were later featured in solo exhibitions organized and organized by MissionArt in Los Angeles, Vienna, Stuttgart, Berlin and London. For these exhibitions, catalogs accompanied by new studies were published with rich visual material. The 2000s brought many exhibitions, partly in Hungary, in Miskolc and Budapest, and partly abroad. Out of the numerous contemporary exhibitions, the traveling exhibition entitled EUROPEFREZZE stands out among the 118 European artists, after Vienna, Bratislava, Stuttgart, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Moscow, and by more than 300 artists. ( ). MissionArt Gallery was constantly monitored by the press, TV and radio broadcasters, with the first article in Northern Hungary published in 1990, later along with the complete Hungarian palette, Die Zeit, Los Angeles Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Financial Times reports following MissionArt's internationally renowned events. In 2015, 25 years old MissionArt has a significant contemporary collection. The collections of the owners of the Gallery, László Jurecskó and Zsolt Kishonthy, which reflect private but typically similar interests and interests in this field (about 250 pieces), contain works conceived in a very diverse style from the 1960s to the present.

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