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Metronom is an art gallery and publishing house based in Modena, Italy. Founded by Marcella Manni, Metronom is committed to researching and promoting projects related to contemporary visual culture through solo and collective exhibitions of Italian and international artists. The attention to the creative practices of the younger artistic generations finds a dedicated place in Metronom’s video wall, where contents related to digital experimentation are presented through an active 24h screen, positioned in the gallery window. Metronom promotes national and international initiatives, in collaboration with public and private institutions, also organized off-site. With the aim of supporting the youngest generation of artists, Metronom promotes Digital Video Wall, an annual project devoted to the display and presentation of digital art languages, in order to explore their expressive possibilities and engage with the multifaceted context of new technologies, and Livestudio, a young artist residency program. Alongside the exhibition program, Metronom has hosted book launching, talks, panel discussions, portfolio reviews and workshops and thanks to the Generazione Critica project Metronom has a dedicated space for theoretical research and critical debate: Generazione Critica (i.e. ‘Critic Generation’) is devoted to the most recent art trends on the international scene, with its main focus on the contemporary production of images. It is also an online bilingual magazine, published in Italian / English, founded in 2012, featuring interviews, insights, critic essays, reviews and a news section with a privileged attention to the dialogue with the artist. In 2013, Generazione Critica became also a yearly panel discussion composed a series of talks through which the lecturers inspect the art of the present from a critical point of view. In 2018 Metronom has launched the editorial project Metronom Books as an extension of the work of promotion, research and dissemination on contemporary art that for years has been the hub of Metronom's activities. Metronom Books is mainly dedicated to artist books and limited editions created with the direct involvement of the authors.
Marcella Manni, founder and director of Metronom, carries out research projects on contemporary visual culture, through the production of exhibitions, meetings and projects specifically dedicated to the artistic experience of the youngest generation. In 2015 Metronom started LIVEstudio project, an artist’s residence and in 2013 Generazione Critica, an annual round table dedicated to art criticism and an online platform. In 2018 she started Metronom Books, an editorial project dedicated to art publications and artists’ books. She collaborates with public and private institutions for projects of study and dissemination of contemporary visual culture. She co-edited the series of publications ‘Generazione Critica’.

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