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Jumper Maybach Fine Art supports artists and endeavors that are artistic, cultural, and societally relevant. The gallery presents an environment that supports positivity through the evolution of color and the creation of art. Inspired by his own triumph through grim adversity, Jumper Maybach provides a space where art is a beacon for ending hate, bullying and intolerance in the world. Through his social awareness, community support and diverse artist representation, Jumper Maybach seeks to heightened interest and commitment to diversity and equality. The gallery likes to be a part of its community: it is an LGBTBE diversity certified business and also active member of Chambers of Commerce.
Jumper Maybach (born Ben Workman; 1963) is an American artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. Becoming an artist did not manifest until later in his life and was not a calling until one especially powerful day in 2010. Ben’s journey to become the artist Jumper Maybach begins in the 1960’s in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2010, having suffered decades of emotional abuse and being marginalized for his sexual orientation, he finds himself on the brink of an emotional precipice from which the artist Jumper Maybach steps forward and becomes instrumental and vital to Ben’s healing process.

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1907 Sabine St #155
TX 77007 Houston
United States


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