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BELLEPARAIS sees itself as a space for art. It is a contemporary art gallery with the atmosphere of a studio, studio lot and living room. Private and public space meet and overlap here. BELLEPARAIS is a space opened in September 2018 in the Munich art area with historical traces, with which the art shown enters into dialogue. The interest is in art - regardless of its appearance and in the sense of an interdisciplinary understanding of art. Here works of various assignments and time bases as well as different epochs can come into connection; regardless of whether they are visual arts, music, literature, Science or the performing arts, with an emphasis on the present. An examination of the concept of space is fundamental. BELLEPARAIS wants to raise awareness, observe and experience art and convey it in a personal way. Few things like the experience of art can open up perspectives and shift horizons, because it is a manifestation of spirit. In the ' BELLEPARAIS Salon ' there are performances in the gallery that expand the space on the same level as the exhibitions into the ephemeral of music and language. They enable an additional exchange between those interested in art, cultural institutions and artists. BELLEPARAIS represents artists, sells and mediates works of art, advises on building collections and designs events. The founder Julia Lachenmann sees art experience as something existential. Art and its manifestations are seen as defining a society. The fact that this should also be reflected in their economic appreciation is both an experiment and a desideratum - perhaps also a hallmark of a functioning society. Located in the historical building of the Munich Schelling Salon and not far from the Pinakotheken, BELLEPARAIS ties in with the history of the artists' quarter . Writers, painters and musicians frequented here, such as Thomas Mann, Joachim Ringelnatz, Wassiliy Kandinsky, and Paul Klee. Robert and Fritz Büchtger lived in the house of the Schelling Salon itself, one a respected painter, the other a composer and a great promoter of new music. BELLEPARAIS is a small-sized room from the turn of the century, in which art experience does not take place in the distant situation of a gallery white cube or an exhibition hall. Defenselessness and the unfamiliar are understood as creative moments and enrichment. The latter also feeds on the awareness and appreciation of the fleeting moment when art forms in conspiratorial transfer or contours of sharpening opposition to each other.

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Schellingstraße 54
80799 Munich


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