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Galerie Mathias Güntner is based in Hamburg since 2004 and Berlin since 2020. The gallery represents established as well as young emerging artists and is deeply dedicated to a curatorial approach. Mathias Güntner showed his first exhibition at the building of today’s Elbphilharmonie. Moving to the most popular gallery area in Hamburg at Admiralitätsstraße, he started long term liaisons with young artists who are represented by the gallery until today. With an enduring devotion and loyalty to their work, the gallery became known for post minimal positions and an innovative gallery program. Today Galerie Mathias Güntner is representing international artists – working with painting, photography, sculpture, drawing and video – and has broad cooperations with authors, curators and museums. The gallery generously supports various productions of its artists as well as projects in public spaces, which are not based on a commercial impact but emphasize socio-political topics such as by Boran Burchhardt or Jan Köchermann. In the last few years Galerie Mathias Güntner extended its activities towards a generation of artists who began their career in the 1960s as for example Hartmut Böhm, Ewa Partum or Endre Tót – artists, which for different reasons still need to be reinforced. Various connections between contemporary post- minimal art and its conceptual historical roots in the 1960s became the main subject of the gallery and its exhibitions. Under the title Gastspiel the gallery is furthermore focusing on different collaboration formats since a long time. Shows in temporary spaces and the invitation of guest curators and guest artists such as Monika Bonvicini or Charlotte Posenenske are an intellectual and aesthetical enhancement of the gallery’s established paths. A profoundly dialogical mediation programme like the Let’s talk about publication series (2012-15), in which artists talk about their work as on a friend’s table, and other passionately produced books and catalogues are part of the gallery’s mission to make contemporary art embraced and loved by everyone.

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Admiralitätstraße 71
20459 Hamburg

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Knesebeckstraße 90,
10623 Berlin
United States


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