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The gallery focuses on contemporary artistic positions that often examine socio-political constructions and their relevance for the present. Most of the represented artists, work formally as well thematically on cross and trans-cultural matters, on territorial questions as well on personal and social identities. Furthermore a persisting focus of the gallery consists in representing artists engaged with discussing and redefining the meaning of nature and landscape beyond its natural and geographic definition. Our program consisting of exhibitions, talks, publication and other related events aims in rising questions about the notion of the culture landscape, the public space as well as the individual and social relations between human, body and environment. All presented artists are following formally as well as thematically an innovative and -what is important for us - sustainable approach by fostering the viewer to question their own standpoint. The gallery developed from the “Projektbüro für Kunst und Kultur” that was established by the curator and art historian Heike Strelow in 1997. The office focusing on art in public space and fostering the public discourse, resulted in the development of numerous international collaborations with artists, initiatives, and institutions. The gallery was a continuation of this project and many of the artists with whom the project collaborated are now represented by the gallery. Most of the artists originate from the German speaking countries and are nationally and internationally recognized. We work both with emerging and established positions and with artists that are both present in the institutional field and the art market. Our aim is to support visibility of our artists in both fields. In 2004 Heike Strelow and Dr. Hildegard Kurt (Berlin) established the und.Institut für Kunst, Kultur und Zukunftsfähigkeit e.V. The gallery co-operates with the und.Institut and the Projektbüro für Kunst und Kultur. Since 2008 there is next to Gallery program the Edition Strelow und Meister

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