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The Galerie C is an independent space of contemporary art in French-speaking Switzerland, with more than 400m2 available for exhibitions of museum quality, airy, simple and elegant, conceived to highlight artwork. The gallery was created in 2011 by its current director Christian Egger whose team includes Sophie Guerry (fairs assistant), Morgane Paillard (the director’s assistant) and Tom Masson (fairs assistant). In addition, the entire visual communication of Galerie C is the result of a close collaboration with the Swiss graphics studio OnLab. The mission of a contemporary art gallery, besides its commercial function is to evoke questions and to present progressist projects to its public. And, this just to what Galerie C devotes itself by establishing strong links with artists, whether Swiss, French or German. Institutions and public collections foster close links with the artists represented by our gallery by being regularly exhibited and collected. Fully aware of the importance of the outreach that contemporary art fairs offer, Galerie C makes a point of presenting their artists at different fairs such as Drawing Now, Art Paris, Paréidolie Marseille or Art on Paper Bruxelles. The award of the “Drawing Now” 2017 Prize to Lionel Sabatté honoured this commitment to our artists. We are convinced that the strength of a gallery lies in the support of unique and authentic universes and thus promote artists who work with diverse media such as drawing, photography, painting, video and installation. In a collaborative spirit, Galerie C fosters links with different players, whether from a regional or an international point of view. Thus, we organize “L’Anniversaire de l’Art” with the Palais Galerie (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) – an event that brings together both established and emergent artists in order to celebrate art in all its forms. During the 2016-2017 season, Galerie C was invited by the Sator gallery (Paris, France) to realize a “carte blanche” within its walls and, in the same spirit of exchange, Galerie C also welcomed the Sator gallery. During the current season (2018-2019), Galerie C will or have exhibited the following artists: Luc Andrié, Xavier Bauer, Philippe Cognée, Jean Crotti, Nicolas Darrot, Ferdinand Hodler, Benoit Huot, Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Mingjun Luo, Éric Manigaud, Smith and many others. Thus, in addition to our own artists, we had the pleasure of welcoming the work of artists such as: Nicolas Aiello, Luc Andrié, Clément Bagot, Pierrette Bloch, Cathryn Boch, Claude Closky, Philippe Cognée, Rudy Decelière, Lukas Hoffmann, Alain Huck, Yann Mingard, Roman Opalka, Simon Pasieka, Olivia Pedroli, Till Rabus, Benoît Vollmer, Uwe Wittwer and quite a few others.

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Esplanade Léopold-Robert 1a
2000 Neuchâtel


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