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The activity of the Gallery began as Galleria De Nisi in 1983, organizing exhibitions and participating in the major trade fairs, in 2013 the whole activity was transferred to the prestigious and evocative rooms of Palazzo Cenci in Rome. A new adventure to renew itself and to continue on a journey that is almost forty years long. In the new stunning setting, in an environment where the ancient and the modern coexist on the walls marked by the bricks engraved by the centuries and the white walls that welcome masterpieces of contemporary art like a surprise favored by the alternation of stone arches and corridors that anticipate the breath of the rooms. Here, the permanent exhibits of the great Italian masters of the twentieth century offer the visitor the pleasure of looking through the avant-gardes of the post-war period up to the present day. Friendly relations and collaborations with the most important Italian gallery owners make the activity of the gallery particularly fervent.

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Via Beatrice Cenci, 8
00186 Rome


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