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The artistic project of the gallery is characterized by the will to contribute to rising, divulging and conveying the works by the artists the gallery directly deals with. Great attention is paid to the works of artists, mainly Italian, who have given an important contribution to the art’s history and whom for different reasons, art reviewers, the audience and last, but not least the market, have not deservedly well-regarded. Coming to the themes treated, the gallery gives space to different forms of expressions: painters dealing with all the aspects of their art, sculptors who investigate on space and matter, artists who use various types of material. The gallery also identifies and propose some young or emergent artists. The gallery organizes 2/3 exhibitions every year, in strict cooperation with the artists themselves or their heirs. Every exhibition is curated by the most important Italian art reviewers, with a special preference for the reviewer who has more intensely dedicated himself to the works of the artist. Among the art reviewers of the exhibitions there are names such as Claudio Cerritelli, Bruno Corà, Marco Meneguzzo, Demetrio Paparoni, Francesco Tedeschi. In addition to the personal exhibitions, the gallery also organizes collective ones with specific themes; the objective is to propose a pause of reflection and an in-depth analysis about significant aspects of an art movement or of a particular historic moment, from the Seventies to Arte Povera (poor art) to conceptual art.

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