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Matteo Donini aka The Don opened the gallery in march 2008, after being a passionate collector for more than 10 years. After being travelling around Europe and USA, The Don decided to make Italy understand the real value of the art coming from the Streets and learn the real history of Graffiti. His friendship with Bo130 and Microbo started in 1996 and drove him into the 'Street' world and its caracters. As announced during the first big collective show,WAKE UP!, The Don Gallery's been arranging art exibitions in order to explore and deepen the new artistic movements derived from the 'subculture' of the young communities in the last thirty years. The Don Gallery will present 'site specific' shows including outdoor wallpainting sessions around the city. From'Writing' to 'Street Art', from ' Lowbrow to ' Pop Surrealism', the Gallery intends introducing the public to the most important and prolific international artists, the true protagonists of this phenomenon which has been so-far too often misunderstood and axploited.

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Via Cola Montano 15
20159 Milan


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