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Lucía Mendoza is a contemporary art gallery based in Madrid since 2014.The gallery's proposal includes artists from different countries and cultures whose practices and aesthetics represent, from different disciplines of the visual arts, a contribution to contemporary socio-cultural research; revealing, as the intention of the artistic direction of the gallery, the role of contemporary art as a mirror of today's society as well as its interaction with the environment, in its widest and most complex sense. It is precisely for this reason that we focus on our concern for the cultural education of individuals from school age and the identification of the room as a meeting point for an audience interested in any aspect of artistic activity. In order to promote both aspects, we include in our program courses and workshops for children directly related to the exhibitions it hosts. The gallery Lucía Mendoza develops the curating of exhibitions that encourage the interest and divulge the knowledge about the artists we represents and their work. It proposes individual exhibitions, treated in the form of retrospectives or focused on highlighting a specific moment in the artistic evolution of an author or a particular aspect of his work; or collective shows with the intention of carrying out an exercise of intellectual reflection around a concept whose research, whose development - always raised from the different perspectives supported by the different artists and disciplines - may give rise to new intentions and/or artistic conclusions. In order to achieve greater divulgation we edit catalogs of all the individual exhibitions, catalogs that have been included by request of its director, Mr. Kenneth Soehner, in the Thomas J. Watson Central Research Library of the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The trajectory of the gallery includes in its program the participation in important fairs such as the national Estampa or Marbella Art Fair, and the international Art Miami Context or Art New York Context in whose programs it is included since 2015. In 2018 it is also incorporated into Drawing Room, Madrid. The gallery Lucía Mendoza is a member of the National Consorcio de galerías of Spain and to the association of galleries of Madrid, Arte_Madrid. Lucía Mendoza is an associate of the IAC (Institute of Contemporary Art) and vice president of the Madrid delegation

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C/Bárbara de Braganza, 10
28004 Madrid


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