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Lucia Mendoza emerges from the experience gained over decades in the various facets of the art world. The gallery is a project born as a need to continue a research concerning both artists and their work, understanding their role as witnesses, reflecting what is happening in our world and the people living in it. We believe art is part of our lives, of everybody’s life. There is always a little corner in our souls that we can light up with the touch of the light that emanates from art. As a family company we are proud to share with you the values we take our lives on under. We feel involved with the human race and all that happens in and around it. The most sensitive and pithy way we find to express that concern is sharing with you all artworks resulting from artistic movements that were in first place a consequence of reflections-sometimes more and sometimes less conscious- about what occurs along the flow of life and time.

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C/Bárbara de Braganza, 10
28004 Madrid


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