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In the difficult cultural, artistic and social panorama that we live; It is normal that we ask ourselves to what extent individual responsibility comes and if we are in need of help to be part of the change we need. Thus, with this idea, Espacio Olvera was born, an independent and alternative gallery space for artists. Espacio Olvera will demonstrate a high caliber of exhibitions of emerging and well-known artists. Also having as objective the organization of expository curators with institutions, thus providing greater visibility to the work of the artists, without being reduced to the exhibition room of our gallery. Equally the constant presence in art fairs will be one of its priority objectives. Espacio Olvera was born with the idea of ​​transmitting that the art environment can be highly variable and without losing the objective of each artistic project. Bringing contemporary art closer and promoting art will be the priority. Espacio Olvera will break with the previously existent or created gallery space conventions. The space itself has the needs that every artist needs when presenting or developing a new project in a city other than the one that develops their work, such as accommodation and workshop. Espacio Olvera is located in a flat on the outskirts of Seville, the San Pablo polygon, a working class neighborhood that has recently jumped into the international art world due to the paintings made in numerous buildings. Artists from all over the world attended the San Pablo Polygon following a call from the UN. It has become one of the geographic centers of the international project "ART FOR ALL" that was born in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) in 2004 under the auspices of the UN.

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Siracusa 8 3ºD
41007 Sevilla


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