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The Ponte Rosso was founded by Orlando Consonni in 1955 and started its activities as a publishing house to promote the knowledge of contemporary Italian painting particularly of realistic nature. In 1973 Nanda and Orlando Consonni opened the Art Gallery in Via Brera 2,Milan, and began to show works by local artists. In the same year a big exhibition of these artists was organized by the Consonnis at Villa Contarini,Piazzola sul Brenta. This exhibition had the purpose of presenting the goals of the gallery which were highlighting the personalities and values, the ways that marked the development of visual art in the first seventy years of the twentieth century specifically in Lombardy and in the area around Venice. More than fifty painters and sculptors who attracted a large number of visitors and have since then done so to the present time through their talent and their artistry. They represented four generations of artists and their works are classified as belonging to the following artistic movements: Scuola di Burano (School of Burano); Novecento ( Twentieth Century );Chiarismo Lombardo ( Lombard Plein Air ); Post Impressionismo ; Realismo ; Naturalismo Padano ( Naturalism of the area around Lombardy and Venice ). From 1973 to today exhibition activities of the Ponte Rosso Art Gallery have been confirmed by 250 catalogs of personal and group exhibitions and almost one hundred monographs. Since 1992 the publishing efforts of the Gallery in addition to catalogs have consisted of a periodical entitled "ARTE FIGURALE". 5000 copies of each issue were edited and printed by Alessandro Consonni. Publication has been suspended at this time. Among the artists presented in personal and group exhibitions are: Aldo Carpi, Donato Frisia, Pio Semeghini, Cesare Monti, Mario Vellani Marchi, Giuseppe Novello, Carlo Dalla Zorza, Alberto Salietti, Contardo Barbieri, Bernardino Palazzi, Enzo Morelli, Adriano di Spilimbergo, Umberto Lilloni, Francesco De Rocchi, Cristoforo De Amicis, Ugo Vittore Bartolini, Alfredo Beltrame, Silvio Consadori, Attilio Rossi, Guido Tallone, Ezio Pastorio, Piero Giunni, Dino Lanaro, Ettore Calvelli, Trento Longaretti, Luigi Brambati, Leonardo Spreafico, Attilio Melo, Bruno Saetti, Eros Pellini, Raffaele De Grada, Giuseppe Motti, Felicita Frai, Giovanni Conservo, Chiara Luraghi, Vito Melotto, Giovanni Blandino, Umberto Faini, Giuseppe Senigaglia, Letizia Fornasieri, Vittorio Emanuele, Paolo Paradiso..

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