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418GALLERY was founded in Bucharest in 2008. The gallery was established by Dr Joana Grevers, an art historian of Romanian origin and Guy K. Williamson, an American businessman and art collector. Since 2017 the gallery has its headquarters in Cetate and became the first rural gallery in Romania. The generous architectural space at Cetate, a former agricultural family estate from the second half of the 19th century, is an unusual environment and an ideal match to our young cutting-edge artists working on a big scale. Here they can develop their skills, construct unrestricted installations and create land art. Stefan Radu Cretu’s magic kinetic works, Albert Kaan’s gracious installations, Cristian Raduta’s fabulous creatures or his abstract works in concrete, just to name a few, find their way and place in and around the former buildings of the estate. The surroundings are a source of inspiration for young artists such as upcoming painter Petrica Stefan who started at Cetate to experiment with the new medium land art. On the other hand, since the beginning the gallery has been dedicated to the survey of the Romanian and Eastern European avant-garde of the sixties and seventies. These were a small number of artists who, behind the Iron Curtain, created abstract art at a time when Socialist Realism was the imposed artistic direction. Romul Nutiu developed his own form of Abstract Expressionism; Diet Sayler focused on geometrical abstraction and Minimal art; Vincentiu Grigorescu concentrated initially on geometrical abstraction, later on the materiality of the canvas.

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Int. Armaşului, Nr.12, Et. 2
10484 Bucharest


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