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From 21/12/2020 to 06/01/2021

Virtual Contemporary Istanbul

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Contemporary Istanbul, the leading annual art fair celebrating its 15th anniversary is set to launch its online platform proudly sponsored by Akbank, Virtual Contemporary Istanbul, on the 21st December.

Revolutionising the art fair model with simulated tours and exclusive access to headline galleries and artists, Virtual CI enriches the fair experience and shares local and international creativity with a global audience. Verified by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., Virtual CI has been beta- tested by a pool of selected users including collectors, art enthusiasts and gallerists to guarantee a seamless and tailored experience for any art lover or buyer. The platform will enable visitors, galleries, and artists to interact with each other, creating an intimate opportunity for them to discuss their works with collectors and aficionados in a versatile and professional environment.

The creation of the online platform has been part of Contemporary Istanbul Foundation’s long-term vision and dedication to supporting and fostering the world’s artistic talent, even before the pandemic. With the development and subsequent launch of Virtual CI, the fair is accessible across the world, providing an opportunity to share the very best of the region’s extensive art market and collector basetying into the fair’s broader theme of global communication and connectivity. In future, the platform will evolve to become a hub for all things contemporary art and act as an epicentre of creativity.

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