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Floris Art Gallery is delighted to present  Welcome to Paradise by Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio (b. 1985, Italy).  This marks Gaudio's second solo show with the gallery.  

Welcome to Paradise is a fascinating artistic journey into the world transformed by the impact of global warming.

The sensitive and ironic gaze of Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio, makes concrete the vision of a planet where the glaciers have melted away raising the sea level while the monuments and skyscrapers of the past emerge from the water, silent witnesses of a civilization that once dominated the Earth. 

The artist's works capture the poignant beauty of this transformation, giving voice to the contrast between the grandeur of human architecture and the power of nature reclaiming its space.

All this becomes the perfect stage for a new reality: a surfer's paradise. 

Imagine surfing the waves that envelop the ancient buildings and leftovers of what was once a bustling city. Imagine water becoming the connecting element between man and his changed environment. Well, by diving into the works the viewer can discover brave surfers turning an apocalypse into an opportunity, defying the new weather conditions.

Welcome to Paradise reworks the boundaries between art, environment and imagination, inviting viewers to reflect on the fragility of our common home and the importance of treating it with care. 
Through a variety of artistic mediums, this exhibition allows us to consider the consequences of our acts on the planet in order to seek solutions for a more sustainable future.

Come for a unique visual experience, let the works guide you through a transformed world, discover the power of art in shaping our understanding of and response to the changes around us.

Welcome to Paradise!