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Watchin´ Windows

Sebastian Häger (DE), Light collages

Artist of the gallery
Curated by Irina Ilieva
Opening: Thursday, 26. September 2019, 7-10pm, the artist is present
Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 2-8pm, Sunday by appointment 
Exhibition: 24. September - 20. October 2019


The exhibition “Watchin´ Windows” consists of a collection of three artworks and a selection of record sleeve artworks by Berlin-based artist und curator Sebastian Häger. The first official artist to exhibit at the gallery in 2006, he has, over time, honed an unfluctuating and characteristic visual style which, in light of its special technical approach and aesthetics, is unique. His works depict the bizarre world concealed between the layers of paper utilized in his work process. 

By sampling and merging different image sources and, by means of analogue interventions, his works function similarly to hypertexts. Figurative elements enter into connections, they point to something that creates an enriched frame of reference and the notion of a third space, which brings about a peculiar hovering between the logically reconstructable original contexts. Häger’s works form a vortex of sorts, whose suction swallows up the consciousness of the beholder, but simultaneously regurgitates an infinite series of reflections. In their stratification, his works visualize not just the endless, empty space of perspective or the void of the unmarked space, the blankness or chaos of potential, out of which images emerge - they attempt to blur the relation between reality and illusion. 

Watchin', windows 
Wonder, if he knows 
What it, could be 
If it's, meant to be 

Watchin', windows 
Do they, know what I know? 
Silently, I'm away, I'm away 

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