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The number three has different meanings in many cultures and symbolic systems, whether associated with the Trinity in Christian religion, the goddesses of fate in Greek mythology, or with creativity, self-expression and optimism in numerology. The “TrzyTresDrei” exhibition is primarily concerned with the latter.

Three different artistic positions from Berlin will be presented:

Joanna Buchowska

The Berlin artist Joanna Buchowska paints with paper. From her archive of magazines, she builds elaborate collages from countless scraps of paper, in which painting and collage seem to blur. Object-like works are created on canvas from the assembled papers. The artistically and imaginatively grown works of art are based on social themes, which are often based on real stories. The artist was born in Olesnica, Poland. In addition to studying fine arts, e.g. in Oppeln, Buchowska trained as a graphic designer at the L4 – Institute for New Media in Berlin.

Carlos Enfedaque

Carlos Enfedaque’s work is impulsive. He regards painting as an intuitive act in which he can be guided by impulses and thus create an immediate expression. The oeuvre of his expressionist paintings ranges from still lifes to landscapes to portraits. The Berlin-based artist shows the latter in the group exhibition “TrzyTresDrei”. Often bold and luminous, sometimes delicate and quiet — in his expressive portraits, Enfedaques deals with the ambiguity of identity and playfully manages to question the viewer’s perception. Born Carlos Enfedaques was born in Zaragoza, Spain, where he studied at the University of Zaragoza in 1994. After a stint at the ARCA-EUAC University of Arts in Coimbra/Portugal, he graduated from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia San Carles in Valencia/Spain in 2016.

Anne Völk

Whether iridescent paint that is applied directly to the wall, metallic pigments on paper or aluminum as a picture carrier – Anne Völk does not see her works of art as detached objects, she always includes the space in her work. The strong colors and multi-layered structures, which are sometimes matt, sometimes glossy, sometimes cracked or saturated, make the room comprehensible as a three-dimensional image. The direct experience of color in the room is always the focus. Born in Idar-Oberstein in 1965, Anne Völk studied painting in Basel, Karlsruhe and Vienna. She lives and works in Berlin.