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1515 Lincoln Gallery invites you to discover the work of Oklahoma-based artists Skip Hill and Nathan Lee as they present their show The Shaman and the Alchemist. The joint show features two distinct creative processes and mediums through Hill's paintings and Lee's mixed media sculptures.


Skip Hill

Taken from his Love Garden Series, Skip Hill's work is an exercise in color through collage. He explores the idea of women's connections with one another currently and through history. The journey of women and their ever-changing role in society inspires Hill to explore their transformation in his work. He transforms once subservient images, such as the Japanese Geisha, into symbols of strength and power. Throughout this series, Hill pushes against society's visual expectations of women. 


Nathan Lee

Through his metamorphic mixed-media sculptures, Nathan Lee explores human frailty, imperfection, and strength. His figures constantly evolve, and the lines between human and inhuman and male and female become obscured. Lee is intrigued by evolution from a biological and societal standpoint. Visually, Lee draws from old masters such as Michelangelo but fuses them with contemporary abstract aesthetics to produce his "biomorphic" creation.

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