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The San Marino Art gallery, has chosen the exhibition space of Motorworks in Domagnano (Strada di Paderna n.2), for an anthological exhibition dedicated to the most famous representative of pop art entitled 'The colours of Andy Warhol'. The event is represented by a rich and assorted display of works born from the genius of the master following the precise artistic path continued by Sunday B. Morning even after his death.

From the 1960s onwards, in response to post-war industrialisation, the phenomenon of pop art spread, which in the era of seriality, of the reproducibility in copy of the advertising image, hammered home the value of the stereotyped consumer product: an insignificant can of tomato sauce is isolated from its context to become the absolute and undisputed protagonist of our gaze, andy warhol's images, far from any intimate expressionism, appear scrupulously described in detail through a cold and detached technique, with distended colours, devoid of chiaroscuro and idealised.

The exhibition is promoted by San Marino Art and organised by Ubaldo Erra, director of the gallery itself, Stefano Soleri, a Rimini gallery owner, and Professor Gabriello Milantoni, a well-known art historian. All the works on display are for sale, but the exhibition can be visited free of charge by anyone wishing to spend a special moment in the magic of Andy Warhol.

Monday-Friday 3-6pm
Saturday 10am-12noon