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In its most elementary expression, oblivious to specific contextualizations, the character that Rolo Fernández recreates in his works could seem like a creature from an illustrated story for children. But he is never just the character: there is always a plus that manifests itself in landscapes, actions, attitudes... And then a symbol, a metaphor, a concept is consolidated.

It would be easy to give this being, with well-groomed long hair and a calm face, a lot of implications and roles. That he does not have a mouth (or is not distinguished) invites us to believe that he is mute. That he is naked (or apparently naked) could be a statement of essentiality in the face of the complexity of the universe. That he has the ability to transfigure into a sea creature, or can walk between kites, or lengthen his limbs... would imply a suggestive supernaturality.

But all these are guesses. The truth is that the character is the epicenter of dissimilar situations and conflicts. Things happen, they happen to you. Or he makes them happen. But always him, only him. In solitude seems to be the mystery. From the intimacy of being all questions start, some answers are ventured.

Alter ego or imaginary friend, the boy by Rolo Fernández is the axis of a more or less subtle reflection on the world. He is never the innocent creature he appears to be. In fact, no one is completely innocent.


- Yuris Nórido. Cuban art critic.

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